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コトブキのバーモント酢アポロ コトブキのバーモント酢アポロ

Vermont Vinegar Apollo is a health and beauty drink made with blended apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar brewed with care using apples and rice grown from fertile soil with plenty of sunshine, mixed with chlorella, garlic, royal jelly, and ginseng – ingredients that are widely used in health supplements.

With a refreshing flavor, Vermont Vinegar Apollo is a great choice for the whole family to enjoy to accompany a healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling life.

The benefits of Vermont Vinegar Apollo
  • 1 1 serving with 20 mL concentrated type

    Dilute 20 mL at a time with cold or hot water 5-10 times to enjoy. The 1800 mL pack yielding 90 drinks offers the best value.

  • 2 Low calorie: 1 serving contains about 26 kcal

    One cup (20 mL of the diluted drink) contains about 26 kcal so that those concerned with calories can enjoy it with ease. Additionally, the sweetener used is derived from stevia plants making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals.


How to prepare the 3 types

  • Vermont Vinegar Apollo 1800 mL1800 mL great value pack

  • Vermont Vinegar Apollo 720 mL720 mL compact size

  • Vermont Vinegar Apollo 20 mL x 12 packsTwelve 20 mL stick packs that are convenient to carry

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