Wide range of products, from small-scale to mass production

Our 3 production lines consist of: carton filling, bottle filling, and pouch filling. The lines are designed for efficiency that meets customers’ needs with both speed and quality.

  • 01Carton Filling Line


    With a structure blocking nearly 100% of ultraviolet rays, we are able to maintain consistent quality and a prolonged shelf life. These cartons are lightweight, unbreakable, and easy to dispose of. Transportation costs are also significantly reduced.

    Volume / lot
    • 300 mL (2,000+ cartons/day)
    • 500 mL (1,000+ cartons/day)
    • 900 mL / 1,000 mL (1,000+ cartons/day)
    • 720 mL / 900 mL / 1,800 mL (1,000+ cartons/day)
    *paper carton lot starts from 3,000 sheets
  • 02Bottle Filling Line


    We handle a wide range of bottle types, from small bottles (30 mL / 50 mL) to medium and large bottles (300 mL to 900 mL) made with high quality materials.

    Volume / lot
    • 30 mL (20,000+ bottles/day)
    • 50 mL (10,000+ bottles/day)
    • 300 mL (2,000+ bottles/day)
    • 500 mL / 720 mL / 900 mL (1,000+ bottles/day)
  • 03Pouch Filling Line


    We offer a wide range of liquids, pastes, and jellies which are packed into pouches that can be consumed straight from the pouch or through a plastic spout. These convenient pouches are lightweight, unbreakable, and easy to carry.

    • Width 30-70 mm
    • length 660-160 mm
    • 2.5-30 mL (volume depends on contents)
    *consultation is required for lots

Other product types

Hard and soft capsules, granules, tablets,
T-pouches, powdered beverages

Our health foods, aside from soft drinks, are made at our contracted manufacturing plant. Our dietary supplements go under strict quality control from the moment we acquire raw materials to delivery at our manufacturing plant which is backed with certification such as GMP and ISO900.

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