Customer First

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

For 50 years since the founding of our company, we have continued to produce reliable products with a commitment to safety and quality. With a stellar track record of producing many popular and long-running products, we are able to meet the needs of domestic and international customers.

Under our motto, “customer first,” we will continue to produce products that satisfy and support our customers.

StrengthThe 3 strengths of Kotobuki’s products

  • Nurtured by bountiful nature Delicious water

    Our manufacturing plant is located upstream of the famous Ota River in Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima – an area blessed with valleys and greenery. We chose this place for access to fresh drinking water which is vital. The hardness of the underground fresh water here is 24mg/L. By using this exceptionally soft water, we are able to produce delicious products with a mellow taste.

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  • Backed by certification Thorough quality and sanitation management

    At our manufacturing plant, we carry out thorough quality and sanitation inspections for producing dietary supplements which have ISO9001 and GMP certification. We are able to meet the growing needs of overseas markets. Additionally, we pursue strict safety measures by establishing traceability for all ingredients and raw materials used.

  • For safety & security Quality guaranteed

    To further solidify the safety and quality of our products, we have established a quality assurance office outside of the manufacturing department. In addition to evaluations and improvements to the reliability of bacteriological inspection operations for raw materials and products, the quality assurance office monitors, improves, and measures the effectiveness of the sanitation and manufacturing process to ensure the products are made in a safe and secure environment.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding Kotobuki’s products and services please feel free to contact us via email.