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Production with total support

We offer a comprehensive range of services from planning to delivery to create a variety of solutions. One of our strengths is our ability to create made-to-order recipes to provide products that will satisfy any customer’s needs.

3+1 strengths in our product development

  • Strength 01 Speed

    We offer swift service with an average turnaround time of approximately one week from consultation to prototype. We are able to respond quickly to requests thanks to our broad stock of raw materials paired with the extensive knowledge and experience of our development staff.

  • Strength 02 Response

    We have experience in a broad range of product designs including beauty, nutrition, and health. We work flexibly to provide the latest products with high demands and handle exports to overseas markets.

  • Strength 03 Planning

    Our business staff and development staff work closely to respond to requests. We also offer proposals through the ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) process to study in-demand trends to create highly marketable products.

Strength 04 Flavoring

We specialize in unique masking and flavoring that brings out the best of every ingredient’s deliciousness while taking into account their synergy and compatibility to create the optimal formula.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding Kotobuki’s products and services please feel free to contact us via email.